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I don't know why I'm awake again... 
21st-Nov-2008 10:36 pm
I was so glad when the workday was over. I'm just tired and have ever really gotten over the cold/virus thing I had a couple of weeks ago. I bought some vitamins and started taking those yesterday since I haven't been eating the right things in a while.

There was a Thanksgiving supper at my church but I decided to risk the guilt and skip it. I didn't feel like socializing and I hadn't made anything to take or thought to pick up any desert at the store.

I watched The Clone Wars, a very funny episode with Padme, Jar Jar, and Threepio. It put a smile on my face for a while. Then I caught the last part of Crusoe which is another great new show this season that I think will probably be canceled. It's just not in a good time slot and then at first glance the show seems kind of silly. It's only when you really pay attention to it that you realize how good it is. Besides, Sean Bean's in it and I like looking at him. Sam Neill has a place in my fangirl heart too. I tried to watch Sanctuary, a very interesting episode, but I fell asleep during a commercial and didn't wake up until it was over. I think it may rerun another night though, I'll have to remember to look for it.
22nd-Nov-2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
I loved last night's episode of Clone Wars! Not that I don't always enjoy the show but a little humor sometimes is good. Jedi Jar Jar was hilarious though.:]

I take the One A Day Active vitamins plus an extra Vitamin C. I really do think they help me feel better and get over colds quicker.
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