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22nd-Nov-2008 11:47 am - My new community!
Come check out my new community, dean_anna!!! It's kind of bare but we can fix that by posting some stuff.:)

The community is for those who like the pairing of Supernatural's Dean Winchester and Anna.

And no, I haven't written off my other community, worstenemy_fans, but the pairing of Dean and Anna really appeals to me, strange since I've never wanted Dean paired permanently with anyone else.
Why is the little beep beep sound the microwave makes so annoying? I have chicken in there defrosting because I'm going to make chicken & sausage gumbo today. I was curious if the beeping stops after a certain amount of time. Alas, I may be consumed by irritation and not last that long.

It is COLD outside. The kind that slices through to your bones in seconds. But inside it's too warm and stuffy. I think I need one of those humidifiers, that's suppose to help the dryness and be good for the breathing. When I inherit my millions from a distant uncle, I'll purchase one.

Today begins a week off from work (yay!) and I'm determined to get some things done but I want to enjoy myself too. Two things on the list are ironing because I'm tired of looking at the stack of clothes draped over the chair in my bedroom and I want to put the ironing board away for the week. And I want to rake the back yard because it looks pitiful with leaves and dead flowers and vegetable plants. I also want to do the front, the section nearest the house, because I want to gradually start putting out Christmas decorations so I won't be late this year. The wrinkled clothing and bad looking yard are the two biggest sore spots with me right now so I think if I can fix those I'll feel better.

I also need to get to the grocery store. I need celery, peppers, a little bit of shrimp, and spicy smoked sausage to go in the gumbo. I also need to get cheese, milk, black pepper, okra, cat food, conditioner, toilet paper, and some canned stuff. It's neverending to keep the supply of groceries up. My pantry is barer than usual now which gives me a mild sense of panic. It most likely stems from my childhood when we ate well for the first two weeks of the month and then skimpy the last two and a stock of seasonings and all those extra things recipes usually call for were unheard of.

I'd actually thought of going to see Twilight with a friend but she'd called yesterday evening and said it was sold out for the whole weekend so that idea's scratched. I have the paperback but had delayed reading it cause I didn't want to spoil the movie but I guess my plans have changed. I saw a preview of another movie I wanted to see...I can't remember what it was now...something scary?...but it was to be out at Thanksgiving.
21st-Nov-2008 10:36 pm - I don't know why I'm awake again...
I was so glad when the workday was over. I'm just tired and have ever really gotten over the cold/virus thing I had a couple of weeks ago. I bought some vitamins and started taking those yesterday since I haven't been eating the right things in a while.

There was a Thanksgiving supper at my church but I decided to risk the guilt and skip it. I didn't feel like socializing and I hadn't made anything to take or thought to pick up any desert at the store.

I watched The Clone Wars, a very funny episode with Padme, Jar Jar, and Threepio. It put a smile on my face for a while. Then I caught the last part of Crusoe which is another great new show this season that I think will probably be canceled. It's just not in a good time slot and then at first glance the show seems kind of silly. It's only when you really pay attention to it that you realize how good it is. Besides, Sean Bean's in it and I like looking at him. Sam Neill has a place in my fangirl heart too. I tried to watch Sanctuary, a very interesting episode, but I fell asleep during a commercial and didn't wake up until it was over. I think it may rerun another night though, I'll have to remember to look for it.
15th-Nov-2008 09:53 am - They canceled my show...
It's official...My Own Worst Enemy is canceled. That just really makes me so mad. The networks are always too quick to cancel anything, never giving shows a chance to catch on. It was the same way last year with K-Ville and Journeyman. You'd think with a big name like Christian Slater they would give the show a better chance and a LOT more advertising. How many episodes have there been? Not very many. Now we won't know how the story ends and isn't that irritating.

I'll still keep running worstenemy_fans.

The latest Supernatural episode was "Mystery Spot" and was all about Dean dying. Over and over and over and over again. It was scary and shocking and FUNNY all rolled into one big uncomfortable package. Poor Sammy looked so frazzled but then who could blame him. Dark Sam was a bit unsettling however. And the Trickster...WTF!!! What does he care? It didn't seem to be done out of revenge, it was made to sound like he was getting Sam ready for Dean's dying and I really didn't get that part because why the hell would the Trickster care? I mean, I could believe he'd mess with their heads just to get back at them, but not to teach Sam a lesson which I'm assuming was that nothing he can do will save his brother when his year's up.
8th-Feb-2008 01:46 pm - Just grumbling a little...
Well, after many years of either wearing glasses or squinting, I went to be fitted for contacts only to be told I had to have a certain kind because of that stigmatism thing with my left eye and my eyes are dry and they'd have to be ordered and they are f****** more expensive than I thought. Why can nothing be simple around here? Do I give off bad vibes? Did I break too many mirrors? I'm really not joking, nothing I do takes the simple path, there's always a problem or a delay or something.

Oooookay...happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...
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