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Musings of a nice and quiet Saturday morning... 
22nd-Nov-2008 09:15 am
Why is the little beep beep sound the microwave makes so annoying? I have chicken in there defrosting because I'm going to make chicken & sausage gumbo today. I was curious if the beeping stops after a certain amount of time. Alas, I may be consumed by irritation and not last that long.

It is COLD outside. The kind that slices through to your bones in seconds. But inside it's too warm and stuffy. I think I need one of those humidifiers, that's suppose to help the dryness and be good for the breathing. When I inherit my millions from a distant uncle, I'll purchase one.

Today begins a week off from work (yay!) and I'm determined to get some things done but I want to enjoy myself too. Two things on the list are ironing because I'm tired of looking at the stack of clothes draped over the chair in my bedroom and I want to put the ironing board away for the week. And I want to rake the back yard because it looks pitiful with leaves and dead flowers and vegetable plants. I also want to do the front, the section nearest the house, because I want to gradually start putting out Christmas decorations so I won't be late this year. The wrinkled clothing and bad looking yard are the two biggest sore spots with me right now so I think if I can fix those I'll feel better.

I also need to get to the grocery store. I need celery, peppers, a little bit of shrimp, and spicy smoked sausage to go in the gumbo. I also need to get cheese, milk, black pepper, okra, cat food, conditioner, toilet paper, and some canned stuff. It's neverending to keep the supply of groceries up. My pantry is barer than usual now which gives me a mild sense of panic. It most likely stems from my childhood when we ate well for the first two weeks of the month and then skimpy the last two and a stock of seasonings and all those extra things recipes usually call for were unheard of.

I'd actually thought of going to see Twilight with a friend but she'd called yesterday evening and said it was sold out for the whole weekend so that idea's scratched. I have the paperback but had delayed reading it cause I didn't want to spoil the movie but I guess my plans have changed. I saw a preview of another movie I wanted to see...I can't remember what it was now...something scary?...but it was to be out at Thanksgiving.
22nd-Nov-2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
Gumbo sounds good to have on a cold day. I've already been out picking up paper and things that have been blown into my yard from somewhere and I'm ready to stay in. I don't like cold weather much.:)

I don't know too much about Twilight</i> but everybody's talking about it. A co-worker told me it was like a Romeo & Juliet story but with a human and a vampire. Everybody's talking about it and wants to see it.
22nd-Nov-2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
...a Romeo & Juliet story but with a human and a vampire.

That's what I heard about it, a darker Romeo & Juliet story, the girl's human and the boy's a vampire and of course other people aren't happy about their getting together. Looks great from the previews I've seen.
22nd-Nov-2008 05:26 pm (UTC)
Wow, it's been a while since I've had gumbo. Are you putting the chicken, sausage, and shrimp in it? I'm sitting here salivating...
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